How reliable are stone heaters?
Marble heaters have been used for years and have been proved to be stable, safe, energy efficient, reliable and designed for continuous operation.

How do stone heaters work?
The heaters consist of a heating element that heats the stone slab. The electric heat is transformed into infrared waves/heat which is distributed evenly into all directions of the room.

Is the stone heater safe to touch?
Irrespective of the heating system used all radiators become hot.  Although the stone heater surface can exceed 90°C, most children and toddlers are  able to draw away their hands without being hurt. Unlike other heaters , stone heaters can be hung  higher on the wall, out of reach of children.

How is the heater controlled? Can I set my favorite temperature?
The heaters can be controlled by a thermostat which can be set to your desired temperature.  Depending on the thermostat you can program the times and/or temperatures you want.

Whats is the cost of  Stoneheaters?
The price of the heaters depends on color, material  and power.  Contact us for a quote.

What is the advantage of stone heaters over conventional heaters?
Please refer to our benefits section.  Any questions can be forwarded to us by email.

How robust are marble heaters?
The polished surface is hardwearing and unless the heater is dropped during transport or it is banged upon with a hard tool the marble will not break.  The heater can withstand common day to day stresses, like tapping it by accident with chinaware or drawing a chair against it.

Which type of stoneheaters are available?
At the moment we have three different type of materials, for more details click here

Why aren’t stone heaters popular in Malta?
Stone heaters are quite popular in Germany and north European countries. As the need to save energy increases, we tend to search for more efficient products.  Many people are now more health aware and seek technologies that reduce dust allergies or mold causing cancer.  These are a few of the reasons why stone heaters are now in Malta.